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In our world the client is the firm of solicitors who engages us to look after their interests in the run off of a book of claimant personal injury cases.

The customer care extended to the claimant and looking after the claimant in a compliant manner is central to this process.

The SRA have followed the set up process step by step.

Whilst every claimant has a right to seek representation by whichever firm they choose if a change of appointed representative is handled sensitively, with events around the change taking place in the correct order and documented appropriately, the following can be achieved:

The claimant retains the terms of engagement originally agreed with our client

By dividing the work across panel firms based on their current capacity to manage additional matters without creating change in their own organisations customer care is delivered quickly and efficiently.

The spreading of work across many firms who have the capacity is central to the claimant experience, no van loads of files arriving in corridors to be gradually worked through. PI-Solutions monitor the process to ensure claimant’s hands are held throughout and are rapidly engaged by the new fee earner.

Benefit from an external run off and retain the full value incumbent in WIP

Delta Legal

When personal injury (PI) law firm, Delta Legal, realised it was facing insolvency issues following the huge changes to the legal landscape last year, its managing partner knew he had to act quickly to improve the situation both for creditors and clients.

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