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Given that we are one of a number of different solutions, we would always encourage you take independent advice and below are just some of the organisations you could approach. Seeking advice from other providers such as an accountant is essential where there is not a strong underlying understanding of the economics of claimant PI work.

Our directory comprises businesses - predominantly involved in accountancy, restructuring, corporate finance and business financial consultancy - with a desire to work with law firms in their respective fields and all of which provide independent and impartial advice and assistance.

It also includes a small number of niche legal consulting businesses and specialists working solely in the mergers and acquisitions field. Businesses wanting to add their details to the list should email

Point of Contact

Emma White
Andy Poole
Lindsay Cooper
Charles MacMillan
Gary Lee
Steve Currie
Greg Mullarkey
Gary Cook
Alan Clark
Michael Chamberlain
Richard Toone
Lesley Graves
John Bell
Colin Abrahams
David Kaye
Stephen Katz
Clare Boardman
Steve Billot
Jon Miller
Anthony Fisher
David Thornhill
Donna Parry-Richards
Peter Gamson
Howard Hackney
Ben Holmes
Chris Belsham
Cees Zwaard
Frank Maher
Neil Bennett
Kevin Lucas
Brian McCann
Paul Palmer
Nick O'Reilly
Mark O'Connor
Trevor Binyon
Ian Cadlock
Anthony Joseph
Chris Slater
Matt Wistow
Matt Dunham
Beverley Budsworth
David Walmsley
Barry Wilkinson
Zoe Holland
Stuart Puddy

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Benefit from an external run off and retain the full value incumbent in WIP

Delta Legal

When personal injury (PI) law firm, Delta Legal, realised it was facing insolvency issues following the huge changes to the legal landscape last year, its managing partner knew he had to act quickly to improve the situation both for creditors and clients.

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